TRITON taktile – A controller with the built-in sounds of the legendary workstation

The Korg TRITON taktile feature a stylish design that projects a sense of presence, together with the same great-feeling semi-weighted keyboard that’s used on synthesizers and music workstations such as the KingKORG and KROME. It’s loaded with functions that make it fun to play and use, such as a touch pad inherited from the Kaossilator that lets you play melodies using just a single finger, trigger pads that let you generate chords in the key and scale of your choice and an arpeggiator that includes rhythm patterns. Of course, the TRITON taktile also delivers the functionality that you expect from a MIDI controller. It provides all of the basic controllers such as sliders and switches, and makes setup easy so you can start producing music right away. Convenience is not the only attraction of the TRITON taktile; it’s a MIDI controller that’s full of features that will stimulate your creativity.

In addition, the TRITON taktile adds 512 sounds from the TRITON, KORG’s best-selling music workstation loved by top-ranking musicians around the world. From your desktop to live stage performances, it’s a USB MIDI controller that you can use in any situation.

Korg TRITON Taktile - Professional MIDI Controller / Synthesizer

Main Features

• A full array of DAW presets and basic functionality; simply connect and start playing
• All 512 program sounds of the TRITON, the best-selling KORG music workstation
• X/Y touch pad lets you create musical phrases within any plugin instantly – with the touch of a single finger
• Use the velocity-sensitive backlit trigger pads to easily enter chords or single notes
• Semi-weighted keyboard with a great playing feel
• X/Y touch pad can also be used as a track pad; ribbon selector offers left and right click
• A compact and lightweight synthesizer that you can take anywhere
• Stylish and ergonomic design
• A generous array of bundled software provides amazing value

A full array of DAW presets and basic functionality; just plug and play

The TRITON taktile is designed for simplicity; connect it to your computer via a single USB cable and the power turns on. It supports most of the major DAW/sequencer applications, and its easy setup lets you start creating music right away. Controllers can be freely assigned, making the TRITON taktile a USB/MIDI controller that will meet all demands, from controlling a mixer to editing your software synthesizers. Supported software includes Cubase 7, Live 9, Garage Band 10, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools 10, SONAR X2, Digital Performer 8, and any other application that supports MIDI input.

The sounds of Korg’s best-selling TRITON music workstation

With total sales of more than 300,000 units for the series, KORG’s TRITON music workstation is legendary. The 512 program sounds built into the TRITON are included, specially tuned for the TRITON taktile (This is a preset sound module with adjusted sounds based on the TRITON’s PCM waveforms. Not all parameters can be edited). You can register 16 of your favorite sounds for immediate recall at the touch of a switch. The sounds range from standards such as electric piano and organ to synth leads for soloing and elegant pads, making this a treasury of sounds that will stimulate your inspiration as a player. You can also control the TRITON taktile from your computer via USB MIDI as an external sound module to enhance your existing music production setup.

Turn your software synth into a Kaossilator

The touch pad located in the center of the TRITON taktile feature the Touch Scale function that was so popular on the KORG Kaossilator. Simply stroke the touch pad to generate melodies in the key and scale that you specify; you’ll be able to use easy and intuitive gestures to perform musical phrases without needing advanced musical knowledge or keyboard performance skills. There’s also an arpeggiator function with fifty different rhythm patterns, so you can play your software synthesizers with a single finger just as though you were using a Kaossilator.

Korg TRITON Taktile USB MIDI Controller/Synthesizer - Touch Pad

The touch pad can also be used as a USB track pad, with gestures such as two-fingered vertical scrolling and tapping to click. Your productivity will be boosted since there’s no need to interrupt your musical workflow.

Korg TRITON Taktile USB MIDI Controller/Synthesizer - Trigger Pad

Use the trigger pads to easily enter chords

The trigger pads placed in the right of the panel have two banks, A and B, and are also velocity-sensitive. Since the dynamics of your performance will be faithfully conveyed, your drum and percussion input will have a sense of life. The Chord Scale function automatically generates chords according to the key and scale that you specify. By using this in conjunction with the arpeggiator and the Touch Scale function of the touch pad, you’ll find yourself finishing entire songs in no time at all. You can also assign chords that you yourself play, opening up endless possibilities that are limited only by your imagination.

Semi-weighted keyboard with a great playing feel

The semi-weighted keyboard featured on the KROME and KingKORG music workstations and synthesizers that are used by players around the world is also featured on the TRITON taktile. No compromises have been made in the playing feel for either the 49-key or 25-key model. You can use these keyboards not just to enter notes on your desktop music production setup, but also for real-time performance.

Korg TRITON Taktile USB MIDI Controller/Synthesizer - Semi-Weighted Keys  

A compact and lightweight synthesizer that you can take anywhere

Turn on the power and start playing immediately. Now you can power-on the TRITON taktile and start playing immediately without having to wait through a lengthy start-up. This is a convenient way to hear your ideas using the internal sound module or to do a bit of practicing or playing when the feeling strikes you. Even when the TRITON taktile is not connected to your computer, you can use it stand-alone with an AC adapter or with mobile batteries (separately sold: USB 2.0 compliant DC5V 550 mA or higher). As a single-unit compact and lightweight synthesizer, it doesn’t have to stay on your desk; it can be a trusty partner that goes with you everywhere, whether it’s the studio or on the stage.

Korg TRITON Taktile USB MIDI Controller/Synthesizer - Style, Function and Design

Stylish, functional design

The TRITON taktile is designed in a stylish matte finish black that you’ll never tire of. With a high-contrast OEL (Organic Electroluminescent) full dot-matrix display, it’s easy to check the settings on the device itself. There are two different types of LEDs available for the two trigger pad banks, A and B, providing both visual appeal and functionality. Attention has also been paid to fine details, for instance, the connectors are grouped together on the right panel so the rear panel will present a clean appearance.


A generous array of bundled software provides amazing value

The numerous bundled license/discount coupons mean that you’ll be enjoying popular music software from the day you bring the TRITON taktile home. In addition to the Korg M1 Le software, these include titles that you’ll enjoy using with the TRITON taktile, such as EZDrummer Lite, Ultra Analog Session, Strum Acoustic Session, Lounge Lizard Session, and Ableton Live discount coupon, and Reason Limited DAW software.

The licensed software can be downloaded from the dedicated site korg web site www.korg.comand www.korg-license-center.com.

Korg M1 Le EzDrummer Lite Propellerhead Reason Limited Ableton Live
Lounge Lizard Session Ultra Analog Session Strum Acoustic Session

Keyboard: 49-key semi weighted
(Velocity sensitivity is supported, after touch is not supported)

Sound Generation System: PCM sound generator (preset type), 1 timber only

Max Polyphony: 80 voices

No. of Internal Programs: 512, data cannot be rewritten

Arppegiator: 6 types, 50 Rhythm patterns

Trigger Pads: 16 (velocity-sensitive)

General Controls: Switches x 8, Sliders x 8, Knobs x 8


Other Controls: Wheel 1 (Pitch bend), Wheel 2 (Assignable)

Touch Pad: Touch Scale Mode / Control Mode / Track Pad Mode

Display: 128 x 64 dots, the high-contrast OEL (Organic Electroluminescent) display

Terminals: USB (Type B), Assignable Switch (“Half-damper” is not supported), Assignable Pedal, Audio Out (Stereo mini jack type)

MIDI: Out only

Power Supply: USB bus power mode
Supports USB 2.0 compliant DC5V 550mA or higher AC adapters

Power Consumption: 500 mA or less

Dimensions: 750 (W) x 290 (D) x 83 (H) mm/29.53 (W) x 11.42 (D) x 3.27 (H) inches

Weight: 3.8 kg/ 8.38 lbs.

Included Accessories: Owner’s Manual, USB cable, KORG BUNDLED SOFTWARE PIN Card

Operating requirements (when connected to computer)

Windows: Microsoft Windows 7 SP1, or later (32bit/64bit)

Mac: Mac OS X version 10.6.8 Snow Leopard or later

Supported Software: Cubase 7, Digital Performer 8, GarageBand 10, Live 9, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools 10, SONAR X2, and other applications that support MIDI input

* All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective holders. All features and specifications are subject to change without notice.
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