A Stereo 80W high-output system provides high-quality sound

The STAGEMAN 80 is a powerful sound system equipped with two 40W high-output amps and two 4-inch stereo speakers. It delivers impressive volume levels that can cover a small or mid-sized performance venue, a listening room, or even a live street performance.

The generous sound takes advantage of the high output, extending from a tight low-frequency range to an extended high-frequency range, and is tuned to give you an extremely well-balanced and natural tone. The sound quality is reminiscent of high-end audio equipment, and will allow every note of your vocals or guitar to shine beautifully.

The amp section uses class-D amps for their good power efficiency. You’ll always be able to enjoy clear sound where long battery life is important.

Korg Stageman 80

Rhythm machine function with excellent presence

The STAGEMAN 80 is equipped with a large number of high-quality rhythm patterns that take advantage of KORG’s advanced sound-generating technology. Based on performances by top-ranking pro drummers and percussionists, these rhythm patterns have a great-feeling groove, and utilize KORG’s new “Real Groove Technology” that allows natural and musical-sounding phrases to be generated at any tempo. A total of approximately 3GB of rhythm loops are included, covering a range of 24 genres such as 8-beat, 16-beat, unplugged beats such as Cajon, rock, jazz, and boss nova, with two variations for each genre. Just press a single button to flexibly play back the rhythm you want. The high-quality speakers will produce a realistic and live-sounding rhythm session as though a real drum performance is being staged in front of the listener.

There’s a memory function that lets you register your favorite rhythms and playback tempo, as well as a chain function that lets you freely connect individual measures of rhythm styles. You can create original drum tracks to suit the songs that you’re performing.

Korg Stageman 80

Simple-to-use recording and playback functions

You can record your own performance along with the internal rhythm patterns or along with a song you’ve added to the SD card. You can record with undo/redo, and even register marks at desired locations in the recorded data and play back a region as a loop while you overdub. You can use this capability to create sketches for song ideas, to capture material for later work in your DAW, or create a full recording.

The STAGEMAN 80 is also equipped with an audio player function that can play back audio files (wav) from an SD card. Acoustage and the high-quality speakers mean that you can use this as a great-sounding listening system. You can also prepare backing tracks beforehand and perform along with them, using the STAGEMAN 80 as a PA amp. There’s a playlist function (10 banks) that let you manage the file playback order of up to 24 songs, so you can play them back in the desired order during your live performances.

Additionally, the playback speed can be adjusted in a range of -25% to +25%, and you can specify that files play back repeatedly or in automatic succession. The STAGEMAN 80 gives you solid support with a wide range of functions that you’ll actually use in your performances.

Korg Stageman 80

Mixer function that meets a variety of needs

The STAGEMAN 80 lets you mix a variety of input sources simultaneously, including a mic input, two inputs to connect a guitar or bass, and an AUX input that supports line-level stereo output from devices such as an iPod or keyboard. Two-band EQ is provided, and you can apply reverb to your vocal (mic input) or acoustic guitar and so on (inputs 1/2) to enhance your presence.

Acoustage function for added spaciousness

KORG’s proprietarily developed virtual surround technology “Acoustage” is also featured in the STAGEMAN 80. It produces a wide stereo effect, giving the impression that the sound is being heard from positions that are widely spaced to the left and right. As good-quality stereo audio speakers, or as a PA system that can transform your personal practice studio into a spacious stage, “Acoustage” gives you an unbeatable sound field.

* What is Acoustage (Virtual Surround Technology)? This is KORG’s original and revolutionary virtual surround technology that can generate a unique personal acoustic space. With only front stereo speakers, it can create an unprecedented three-dimensional acoustical experience. It analyzes the actual sounds of the playback system and applies optimizations to each aspect of it in order to obtain the maximum effect.

Korg Stageman 80

Convenient tuner and metronome functions

The STAGEMAN 80 is equipped with a tuner that has the high precision you expect from KORG. When you turn this function on, the rhythm style buttons become a tuning meter, letting you tune while watching a highly visible meter indication. You can also tune while hearing a guitar, bass, or piano guide tone, or listen to a metronome that’s convenient for practicing.

Korg Stageman 80

Foot switch control function that’s optimized for performance

By using a separately sold foot switch (VOX VFS5) accessory, you can easily control the STAGEMAN 80. You can use this to insert a fill-in to the rhythm patterns while you perform, switch rhythm variations, or start/stop the recorder or audio player. This enables real time and effective performances in situations such as when a singer-instrumentalist is playing live.

Flexibility for any performance location

The power can be supplied from the included adapter or from six D batteries. Since this allows up to 20 hours of continuous operation, you can use the unit with confidence even in locations where electrical power is unavailable.

You can also extend the stand that’s on the lower part of the body, allowing you to tilt the speaker to an upward angle. For example if you’re playing live in a cafe, this positioning allows a fuller sound to reach your audience. You can also use a speaker stand to position the STAGEMAN 80 at a higher level.

* Operation has been conformed by mounting on ULTIMATE Support TS-70B.

Korg Stageman 80

Korg Stageman 80

Rhythm Function Rhythm Styles 24 rhythm styles (8 Beat1, 8 Beat2, 8 Beat3, 8 Beat4 Shuffle, 8 Beat5, Unplug1 Cajon, Unplug2 Conga, Unplug3 Djembe, Oldies, Country1, Country2 Train Bt, Country3 3/4, Rock1, Rock2, Blues1, Blues2, 16 Beat1, 16 Beat2 Shuffle, 16 Beat3, Jazz1, Jazz2 3/4, Latin Jazz, Bossa, Samba)
Two variations for each rhythm style
Each variation has three patterns (basic, fill-in 1, fill-in 2)
Tempo 48 – 240 bpm
Chain Function 30 banks (up to 999 measures can be registered in each)
Recorder Function Recording Format PCM audio WAV format (file name extension .wav), 44.1 kHz, 16-bit
Recording Time Depends on the SD card used; approximately 100 minutes per 1 GB
Maximum Continuous Recording Time 3 hours
Number of Songs Maximum 50
Number of Multi-Track Recordings Depends on the remaining free capacity of the SD card
Undo/Redo Once
Player Function Playback Formats PCM audio WAV format (file name extension .wav) 44.1 kHz, 16-bit, Stereo
Maximum Data Size (Time) Depends on the memory card used; approximately 100 minutes per 1 GB (for WAV data)
Maximum Number of Data Files (Number of Folders) Up to 99 songs (per folder); a total of eight folders M1–M8 inside the PLAYER folder can be used
Playlist Function 10 banks (up to 24 songs can be registered in each)
Mixer Effect Section Effects Reverb effect
Equalizer BASS, TREBLE
Other ACOUSTAGE (wide stereo effect)
Tuner Function Scale 12-note equal temperament
Type Chromatic
Calibration 435 – 445 Hz
Tuning Guide Tone Three types (guitar, bass, piano)
Display 7-segment four-digit LED
SD Card Usable Cards SD card: 1 GB – 2 GB
SDHC card: 4 GB – 32 GB
Input Jacks MIC IN Jack XLR-3-32 type, input impedance 4.7 k-ohm, nominal level -43 dBV
INPUT 1 Jack, INPUT 2 Jack (Guitar, Bass) 1/4″ monaural phone jack, input impedance 1 M-ohm, nominal level -26 dBV
AUX INPUT Jack 1/8″ stereo mini-phone jack, input impedance 10 k-ohm, nominal level -17 dBV
FOOT SW Jack 1/4″ stereo phone jack, usable foot switch: VOX VFS5 foot switch
Output Jack HEADPHONE/LINE OUT Jack 1/8″ stereo mini-phone jack, maximum level 0 dBV, 30 mW, 32 ohm
Power Amp Output Maximum 40W x 2
Speakers 4” 4Ω × 2
Power Power Supply DC 19V, six D batteries (alkaline or nickel-metal hydride are supported)
Battery Life Approximately 20 hours (when using alkaline batteries)
Approximately 18 hours (when using nickel-metal hydride batteries)
* Varies depending on the batteries used and the conditions of use
Current consumption 1.4 A
(W x D x H)
With stand folded down 398 x 242 x 231 mm / 15.67” x 9.53” x 9.09”
With stand extended 398 x 310 x 285 mm / 15.67” x 12.20” x 11.22”: Angle 26°
Speaker stand mount diameter 35mm
Weight 8.4 kg / 18.52 lbs (Excluding batteries)
Others Included Items AC adapter (DC 19V), Card strap
Accessories Foot switch: VOX VFS5

* All product, company, and standard names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.
* Appearance and specifications of products are subject to change without notice.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 8.4 kg
Dimensions 398 x 242 x 231 cm
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