The microKEY USB MIDI keyboard family has expanded! The perfect companion for PC-based music production or performance is now available with 25 or 61 keys, in addition to the original 37-key model.

The microKEY is a compact USB MIDI keyboard that’s ideal for the musician who wants to assemble a convenient and compact music production system. All models feature the acclaimed velocity-sensitive Natural Touch mini-keyboard found on instruments such as the microKORG XL and microARRANGER. The microKEY is the ideal USB MIDI keyboard

In addition to the existing 37-key model, the lineup has been expanded with the addition of a supremely portable 25-key model, and a five-octave 61-key model designed for performing keyboardists. In addition to the bundled software and discount coupons included with the 25 and 37-key models, the 61-key model comes complete with a license for the entire Korg Legacy Collection, giving access to soft synth versions of legendary and popular Korg synths and Music Workstations.

Product Highlights
• USB MIDI keyboard – thin, lightweight, and USB-powered

• Velocity-sensitive natural-touch mini-keyboard with excellent playing feel

• Three models to choose from:

  • The highly portable 25-key model
  • The space-saving 37-key model that’s ideal for a production setup
  • The 61-key model for the performing musician

• Octave Shift and Key Transpose features access the full MIDI note range

• Versatile controls include arpeggiator buttons, sustain/tap button, and joystick (25 key)

• Pitch Bend and Modulation wheels add expression to your performance (37 key, 61 key)

• Plug and play computer connectivity; no need to install a driver

• Can be connected directly to an iPad (25-key model requires the Camera Connection Kit)

• Dual USB ports; ideal for adding Korg’s nanoPAD or other USB devices to your setup (37 key, 61 key)

• A generous assortment of licenses and discount coupons for popular software titles is included

• KORG KONTROL Editor is included

• A license is included for the “Korg Legacy Collection Special Bundle,” containing software versions of Korg’s classic synthesizers (61-key model only)

Natural Touch mini keyboard

Slim, lightweight, USB bus powered, and compatible with all computer-based music software, the microKEY is a great way to create your production setup. The microKEY features the velocity-sensitive Natural Touch mini-keyboard that was acclaimed on instruments such as the microKORG XL and the microARRANGER. The proportions of the black and white keys has been adjusted for optimal playability, easy chording, and rapid phrase work; careful attention has been paid to the touch and playing feel. The “waterfall-type” keyboard makes it easy to play glissandos. This keyboard will accurately convey the dynamics of your performance to your software.

Three popular keyboard ranges

In addition to the existing 37-key model, a 25-key model and a 61-key model have been newly added to the lineup. The 25-key model features excellent portability, allowing you to enjoy playing and producing with a great-feeling keyboard even when you’re away from home. The 37-key model provides good playability while still allowing a compact production setup. And the 61-key model offers full five octaves, satisfying the performing musician while fitting in the same horizontal dimensions as a full-sized 49-key model. You’re sure to find the microKEY model that’s the perfect fit for your music production setup or style.

Take control!

Octave Shift buttons are provided on all models. Using the UP/DOWN buttons allow you to shift the octave the appropriate number of steps for each model so that, when used in conjunction with the Key Transpose function, the full range of notes in the MIDI specification can be covered. As for the array of controllers needed for boosting the expressive power of your performance, the 37- and 61-key models feature a pitch bend wheel and modulation wheel. The 25-key model features an arpeggiator button, a sustain/tap button, and a joystick to which you can assign pitch bend, modulation, or any other control change, giving you plenty of control and rich expressive potential in spite of its compact size.

No driver installation needed

The standard USB MIDI driver provided by Windows/Mac OS X is supported, so there’s no need to install a driver. Simply use a USB cable to connect the microKEY to your computer, and it’s ready for use.

iPad compatible!

You can connect the microKEY to your iPad and use it to control apps*2 such as the Korg iMS-20 via MIDI *2. If you’re using the 25-key model, Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit and a USB cable is all you need *3. For the 37/61-key models, you just need to connect them via a USB hub that can supply power.

*1:Operation has been verified on iOS 5.0.1. 
*2:The app must support Core MIDI. 
*3:For the 25-key model as well, we recommend using a powered hub if you plan to use the microKEY for an extended time.
USB versatility (37 key, 61 key)

Your new microKEY serves double-duty as a USB hub. The two USB ports (Type A) allow you to expand your custom control center by adding on a Korg nanoPAD2 or nanoKONTROL2 – or any other USB device!


Using the KORG KONTROL Editor software (provided), you’ll be able to customize the microKEY for your setup. You can choose from eight velocity curves plus fixed velocity (a total of nine types), and also specify the control change number of the modulation wheel or joystick, as well as specify their maximum and minimum values.
Play Today Software Bundle

In addition to the software lineup already bundled with the existing 37-key model, a synthesizer sound module and an acoustic guitar sound module have been added, and the 61-key model comes complete with a license for the Korg Legacy Collection of legendary Korg synthesizers in software form. The microKEY ships with the following software licenses and discount coupons so you can start making music right away.

1. KORG Legacy Collection Special Bundle (License) *microKEY-61 only – NEW

Included is a license for the Korg Legacy Collection Special Bundle, which contains the following software titles: the MS-20 analog monophonic synthesizer, the Polysix polyphonic synthesizer, the all-embracing Mono/Poly analog synthesizer, the M1 which was the original music workstation, and the Wavestation digital synthesizer. Licenses for these five classic Korg instruments, reborn as software and accompanied by the MDE-X effect plug-in, are bundled with the microKEY-61 as a free download.
2. M1 Le (License) *microKEY-25/37

Included is a license* for a limited edition of the M1 software synthesizer (included in the Korg Legacy Collection-Digital Edition) that brings to your computer the sounds of the ground-breaking M1 Music Workstation. (This software can be downloaded for use.) * You can upgrade at a special price (US $99) from this M1 Le to the “Korg Legacy Collection special bundle.” Don’t miss this opportunity to obtain historic Korg instruments such as the MS-20, Polysix, Mono/Poly, M1, and WAVESTATION.
3. EzDrummer Lite (License)

Included is a license for Toontrack’s software drum sound module “EzDrummer Lite”*, giving you numerous high-quality drum sounds. (This software can be downloaded for use.) You’ll be able to immediately start enjoying realistic drum sounds played from your microKEY. *Please be aware that neither the software manufacturer nor Korg can provide support regarding the use of this software. For details on upgrading the demo software or purchasing the full version, please refer to www.toontrack.com.
4. Ableton “Live” series (discount coupon included)

ncluded is a discount coupon* for Ableton’s “Live,” “Live Suite,” and “Live LE” DAW software, widely popular for its sophisticated functionality. * For details on this software, please refer to www.ableton.com.
5. Lounge Lizard Session (License)

Included is a license* for “Lounge Lizard Session,” the physical modeling sound module from Applied Acoustics Systems, famed for its richly expressive electric piano sounds. *For details on this software, please refer to www.applied-acoustics.com/loungelizardsession/
6. Ultra Analog Session (License)

Included is a license* for “Ultra Analog Session,” the analog modeling synthesizer from Applied Acoustics Systems, acclaimed for its fat, powerful sounds. * For details on this software, please refer to www.applied-acoustics.com/ultraanalogsession/
7. Strum Acoustic Session (License) – NEW

Included is a license* for Applied Acoustics Systems’ “Strum Acoustic Session,” the physical modeling software synthesizer that lets you “play” acoustic guitar parts with the expressive power of an acoustic instrument. * For details on this software, please refer to www.applied-acoustics.com/strumacousticsession/

Keyboard: Controllers:
Natural touch mini-keyboard
microKEY-25 = 25 Keys
microKEY-37 = 37 Keys
microKEY-61 = 61 Keys
microKEY-25 = Joystick, arpeggiator button, Sustain /TAP button
Octave Shift: Connections:
microKEY-25/37 = -4~+4 microKEY-25/37 = USB: Type B (x1)
Power: Power Consumption:
USB bus power microKEY-25/37 = Less than 100mA
Dimensions (W x D x H): Weight:
microKEY-25 = 395 (W) x 131 (D) x 53 (H) mm microKEY-25 = 0.65Kg / 1.43lbs.
Accessories: Optional Accessories:
USB cable
Soft Case “SC-micro MSG” (microKEY-25/37 only)

* Specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice.



• Supported Computer: Computer with USB port, satisfying the operating requirements of Windows XP/ Vista/7
• Supported OS: Windows XP SP3 (32bit), Windows Vista SP2 (32bit, 64bit) or Windows 7 SP1 (32bit, 64bit)

• Supported Computer: Apple Macintosh with USB port, satisfying the operating requirements of Mac OS X or Apple Macintosh with Intel or PowerPC supported

• Supported OS:Mac OS X10.5 or later

*Keyboard operation is not guaranteed with all computers that satisfy these system requirements.


*Mac, the Mac logo and the Audio Units logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. 

*The “Built for Mac OS X” graphic is trademark of Apple Inc., used under license.
*Windows XP, Vista and 7 are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.
*All other product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

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